The first professional piano app for children

Designed as a game, but with a strong professional methodology core created by awarded piano teachers, Tintarantin is the easy and enjoyable way to learn to read sheet music for children of all ages from two years old, and play the piano naturally.

Four year old pupil enjoying the methodology of TinTaranTin

The combination of a highly qualified teacher and an advanced technology delivers incredible results in the field of children’s learning. Perfect for the piano class or at home.

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Highly rated by our happy clients

Highly rated by clients, press and awarded in the Education exhibition SIMO EDUCACIÓN (Learning technology exhibition in Madrid - Spain).

Helena de la Vega

It is a super attractive method for children. Very innovative. My 4-year-old daughter learned how how to put her hands on the piano, follows the score with her left and right hand and learns musical language little by little. And it only takes 2 months. Raquel is very respectful with the rhythm of each one and it is practically a private class. I am very happy. Highly recommended!

Eva Martín Desiderio

With Tintarantin Martina has started in music and we have confirmed that she really likes it. As the method is game based it is very fun for her and very motivating. The association of characters and colors to the notes facilitates the assimilation and also works the ear as a game for recognition of musical notes. Highly recommended.



The best way to learn to play piano and read sheet music from two years old. Tintarantin is a new concept of natural education using technology. Visually like a game, full of color and animation, the TinTaranTin piano method encourage high motivation, autonomy and self-learning. This new concept is the result of over 20 years of experience in musical pedagogy and in educational software.


Discover the pedagogical science behind and how we have achieved to create a natural method of learning so children can fulfill their innate potential.

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