TinTaranTin have been awarded with SIMO INNOVA prize as one of the advanced products for education in the SIMO EDUCATION, the most important exhibition in Spain about Technology education.


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Review for TinTaranTin
Very happy with the TinTaranTin methodology
Highly recommended if your child has a special interest in music. Raquel knows how to guide her steps and give guidelines that will help her a lot. Very happy with the method.
Review for TinTaranTin
The best gift

The first time I took my 3-year-old boy, he told me it was the best gift I had ever given to him.
I like the Tintarantin method and how they learn by playing.

Review for TinTaranTin
Highly recommended

With Tintarantin Martina has started in music and we have confirmed that she really likes it. As the method is game based it is very fun for her and very motivating. The association of characters and colors to the notes facilitates the assimilation and also works the ear as a game for recognition of musical notes. Highly recommended.

Review for TinTaranTin
Super attractive for the children

It is a super attractive method for children. Very innovative. My 4-year-old daughter learned how how to put her hands on the piano, follows the score with her left and right hand and learns musical language little by little. And it only takes 2 months. Raquel is very respectful with the rhythm of each one and it is practically a private class. I am very happy. Highly recommended!


Interview to Raquel Sánchez Ventero for El País, by Elena Sevillano (El País newspaper, paper edition, 26th october 2017)

Tool for the transformation. Classrooms become more collaborative spaces and the student plays a very active role in their own education.

«La tecnología se está incorporando a todas las áreas excepto a la música, que se enseña con la misma metodología desde el siglo SVI», apunta Raquel Sánchez Ventero, directora general de MundoFeliz Games.

Su empresa trae TinTarantín, un método pedagógico que «estimula el aprendizaje de la música, la lectura de partituras y tocar el piano antes de que los niños aprendan a leer o a escribir». La interfaz tiene aspecto de juego, con mucho color y animaciones, que pueden manipular, con la que interactuar, para fomentar la motivación, la autonomía y el autoaprendizaje, que, en su opinión, es una gran tendencia. «Es un salto hacia una metodología más activa; no se aprende si hay aburrimiento y, cuando hay interés, se abre la puerta al aprendizaje», argumenta Raquel Sánchez Ventero, que tiene claro que la tecnología es algo muy cercano y atractiva para las nuevas generaciones; algo capaz de engancharlas. «Primero despierta su curiosidad y, entonces, le podrás enseñar lo que quieras», sentencia.



Interview to Raquel Sánchez Ventero for ABC, (ABC newspaper, paper edition, 4th march 2018)

TinTaranTin is the most fun professional app for learning to play piano and read music since 2 year old. Raquel Sánchez Ventero is the creator of the TinTaranTin method.

¿What is the TinTaranTin method?

Tintarantin is the most fun-filled way to learn to read music and play the piano for children from two years of age. It’s the first professional progressive method of musical pedagogy for computers for young children. It includes interactive scores for both hands that verify and correct what the child touches, musical dictations, ear education, singing and rhythm.
All with an interface adapted to the child's mind full of color and animations, to encourage self-learning, motivation and autonomy.

¿Which are the main advantages of the TinTaranTin piano method?

A child from 3 years old can handle it alone, encourages his autonomy, focuses his attention and awakens the child's natural talent, stimulating him with scores adapted to his mentality and because of its color and animations it looks like a game. Piano lessons can finally be in groups, obtaining the benefits of group learning.

¿The TinTaranTin method is designed for schools or can it be used at home?

The software can be used both at home, as in the usual piano lessons with a private teacher or as a perfect complement to music classes in schools, for its variety of musical exercises.

M21 radio – "Cero en Conducta" radio show

Today in Cero en conducta we speak about videogames in the classroom with Ana Armero, in charged of the pedagogy of Ars Game Spain, Raquel Sánchez Ventero, creator of the software TinTaranTin, piano method, for the children to learn how to play piano, and Óscar Sanz, director of Microsoft Education, who speaks about Minecraft in the classrooms. And from Lego, Paco Rojo, comercial manager of Mad-House, distributor of Lego in Spain. The vision of Dolor Reig, [...] [...] [...]

TinTaranTin presents the most innovative technology applied to music learning.

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